What is Peak Shipping Season?

Posted by Port City Logistics on Dec 5, 2019 4:07:39 PM


COSCODevelopment-800x450In logistics, peak shipping season refers to the heightened shipping activity caused by the “back-to-school effect” on retail shopping. During the months of August until late November, countless students get ready to return to school. As expected, these students need supplies, clothes, and other resources to get through the school year. Once the final school-year rush ends, two massive shopping holidays--Black Friday and Cyber Monday--take the stage. Naturally, the need to ship is at an all time high during this season, so the supply-chain is greatly challenged.

As a store owner, it’s important to set realistic expectations with your customers and provide ample transparency in the shipping process if possible. Diligent scheduling and insurance for your cargo is an absolute must for the peak time of year; however, that’s how a 3PL can assist you. With years of holiday shipping experience, Port City Logistics can help you navigate the difficult peak shipping season.


How Do I Survive Peak Season? 

  • Ship Early
    • If possible, it’s always best to ship before the peak season rush begins. Naturally, shipping prices slightly increase during these months due to high demand. If possible, always attempt to get items out before the rush.
  • Ship Later
    • If your items aren’t needed until after the holidays, consider scheduling shipments until after the new year begins. Often, there will be a surplus in freight shipping capacity, so you’re more likely to get a better deal. 
  • Build Yourself Extra Time
    • If it’s absolutely necessary to ship your items during peak season, please consider a buffer so that the items can get to their destinations in ample time. To ensure the best profit possible, many carriers overbook freight ships. Because of this, items can get left behind. If you expect your item on time in this window, you may need to pay an extra fee or a premium to guarantee your place. 
  • Quote Prices OftenFREE Guide To Third Party Logistics
    • Checking multiple different logistics services often can sometimes help you find a better deal. Prices rise and fall based on demand, so one company may have a slightly lowered rate due to a lower demand. 
  • Stagger Shipments
    • Small loads can travel much quicker than larger loads. Staggering these larger loads into numerous small ones can help them to get to the buyer/retailer faster. This works best for restocking raw materials for short periods of time. 

If you’re unsure how to approach shipping for your company, please contact Port City Logistics using the link below, or download our 3PL guide for additional information. Port City Logistics wants to help your business grow. Contact us today to see how we can benefit you. 

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