How Truck Turnaround Time Affects Port Logistics

Posted by Port City Logistics on Aug 5, 2021 11:53:19 AM

Increasing the efficiency of port logistics is a top concern for shipping managers and professionals in logistics. Dock efficiency depends on the balance between imports and drays to move freight to the next location and the visibility to recognize when turnaround time lengthens. The delays around the world have led to a dramatic increase in costs and trouble for drayage service providers. Even more troubling, The Wall Street Journal noted that the increased pressure has continued to grow worse in 2021: “the shipping delays that started building up late last year worsened during a normally slack period in shipping demand early in the year. They have tied up inventories in some cases for weeks at a time as vessels wait to reach berths while offloaded containers sit for long periods at packed freight terminals.” That precipitates a higher risk of demurrage charges, and now, it’s all hands on deck to bring truck turnaround time under control.

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