How Drayage Companies with Brokerage Services & Warehouses Are Overcoming Capacity Challenges

Posted by Port City Logistics on Aug 17, 2021 10:08:41 AM

Many aspects of the logistics industry must overcome supply chain hurdles with the help of partners like drayage companies. Challenges persist as shippers race for available capacity in a booming e-commerce world. Difficulties such as the trucking shortage across the United States or the chassis shortage at ports for drayage, force shippers to find new, innovative ways to snag their space for transit. Drayage companies are now adding value by providing supply chain continuity through warehouse assets and freight brokerage services so that once a container is drayed, if there is not truckload capacity immediately available, the drayage company can use its assets to store the goods or the container while the brokerage division looks for capacity. This approach is aiding in reducing total transportation costs, particularly per diem fees like detention and demurrage. Learn how the triad of drayage, brokerage, and warehouse assets are helping shippers find capacity and build resiliency in supply chains.

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