What 3PL Warehousing and Distribution Services are Available for Shippers?

Posted by Port City Logistics on Nov 13, 2022 12:04:29 PM

In the midst of peak shipping season, global shippers are busy preparing themselves for the onslaught of holiday orders needed to supply the vast North American consumer landscape. And what they cannot fit in their stores, shippers turn to 3PLs with warehouse and distribution services to provide replenishment when it’s needed most. Some of the most dependable transportation providers out there are ones that have their own brick-and-mortar warehouse facilities, and can provide the middle-mile distribution to ensure supply chains run smoothly no matter what the shipping season might be. This article is intended to inform readers about the variety of extra services that some 3PLs provide shippers on a regular basis. 

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From Drayage to Delivery: The Role of a 3PL Service Provider

Posted by Port City Logistics on Aug 12, 2021 9:10:46 AM

Warehouse management, transportation fulfillment, 3PL service, and drayage outsourcing represent critical areas within the supply chain network that require constant innovation. With the use of innovative technology, the newest examples of on-demand services and tools, the modern supply chain network can be more prepared than ever to handle the functions of the current market. Traditional third-party fulfillment solutions have long been a part of the supply chain and shipping service market. However, their role in warehouse operations, transportation, and drayage services continues to grow in scope and influence.  According to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, 3PL service and drayage providers can help logistics managers with on-demand warehousing and inventory management and a host of other domestic and global shipping services. 

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