Tips to Streamline Dray Freight Through Port Expansion

Posted by Port City Logistics on Mar 8, 2022 11:52:32 AM

Within the shipping and freight transport industry, one key piece of the puzzle has long been drayage services and port container management. This highly specialized yet vital freight shipping and handling service can make or break shipment deadlines and customer experiences. Finding capacity from drivers specializing in dray freight is becoming increasingly difficult these days. As highlighted by the Journal of Commerce, “A historic drayage capacity shift from larger carriers to small companies and owner-operators is complicating efforts by importers to secure capacity and move containers inland.” However, maintaining reliable access to dray service providers requires streamlining dray cargo and freight services through port expansion and improved utilization of resources. The following tips can help make this process easier and simpler.

1. Know What's Happening Regarding Port Expansion

To deal with the issue of dray freight and cargo pileups, ports across the country are focusing on expanding and reworking basic logistics. Extending service hours, hiring more crew, imposing fees for extended dray delays, and improving drayage service options are things port managers are considering and implementing. These port expansion steps can help shippers and carriers alike adapt more as it clears backlogs.

2. Track Container Status in Real-Time

A key aspect of improving dray services today is tracking and monitoring shipments in real-time. Knowing when cargo containers reach the port and when they are being unloaded can help improve pick-up times and cargo distribution. The sooner goods can be picked up, the sooner drayage service providers can resume shipping. This eliminates delays and disruptions from dated data and communications.

3. Choose Drivers Based on the Sum of Information, Including ETA, On-Time Delivery Rates, and More

Finding reliable drivers and carriers who are experts in dealing with dray freight transportation can be tricky at times. Delays in securing drivers to pick up cargo at various ports lead to more backlogs and delivery issues. Choosing the right driver can help shippers avoid missed delivery deadlines, excessive fees, and customer complaints. Looking at drivers’ overall rates, reviews, and reputation can make the decision easier.

4. Track Dwell Time and Detention Fees Charged for Each Container

The biggest dilemma facing shippers who specialize in dray services is the delays at ports. Without good tracking and monitoring, these more minor expenses, combined, over hundreds of containers, for days or weeks, can quickly add up. Improved drayage service and tracking can help avoid excessive dwell times and rolled cargo. It also allows shippers to offer the best rates and services for all cargo shipping modes.

5. Enable More Dual Transactions With Strategic Drayage Management

Having a keen eye on dray freight management and strategic planning can help improve end-to-end operations and logistics. Providing quality drayage service options is easier with the right tools and processes in place. Utilizing port expansion tips and methods is a much easier way to enable more dual transactions and streamlined services. Maximizing container capacity is more manageable with proper dray management practices.

6. Eliminate Confusion With Real-Time Collaboration With More Drivers and Network Partners

Communication is vital within any supply chain network to succeed in today’s competitive market. Real-time communication and drayage appointment management isessential for providing the most effective dray service offerings. Reliable and up-to-date communications help reduce confusion and human error and make it easier to expand carrier access and form stronger network partnerships.

Improve Dray Service Efficiency With a Dedicated Logistics Service Provider

For drivers, shippers, carriers, forwarders, and anyone working in the freight transport industry, proper management and utilization of drayage services continues to be key in identifying the capacity challenges of drayage. Improving dray services can help improve every aspect of the supply chain- from ensuring greater carrier access and capacity to improving customer service and delivering results. Finding partners that specialize in dray freight is an ongoing challenge for businesses today. Discover the difference the right drayage network can make and find the dedicated logistics service provider that is right for your short-haul, port-side shipping needs. Contact Port City Logistics today to get started.

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