The Port of Savannah is a Major Employer in Georgia

Posted by Port City Logistics on Sep 28, 2018 1:09:10 PM

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What international port in the southeastern United States has the fastest growth rate during 2017?

No, not Mobile.

Not Jacksonville.

In fact, it’s the Port of Savannah exceeds other terminals is tops in recent expansion as a commercial shipping hub. During 2017 alone, Savannah processed a staggering 35 million tons of freight. We are glad to call it our home base and don’t mind sharing it’s advantages with the world.

The Port of Savannah History 

Founded beside the banks of the Savannah River in 1733, the City of Savannah has served as an important U.S. naval port for centuries. Freight shipments became an important segment of the local economy towards the close of World War II. The commercial activities of this coastal city assumed even greater importance when the Georgia Port Authority opened two significant deep water terminals: Ocean Terminal and Garden City Terminal. The former supplies extensive cargo storage space while the latter handles a steady flow of cargo containers. Reefers and container vessels frequent the Garden City terminal. Learn more about the Port of Savannah. Download Our FREE Guide to Third Party Logistics

By contrast, Ocean Terminal predominantly supplies technology to support rail and overland trucking shippers. It furnishes a variety of different warehouse facilities. Since the opening of these deep water terminals, the Port of Savannah has become a magnet for international shipping. Today its capabilities exceed many older established shipping hubs, including facilities in New York City, New York; Houston, Texas; and Long Beach, California. 

The Unique Location of Port of Savannah 

Today the Port of Savannah along the Savannah River sits approximately 18 miles away from the Atlantic coastline. The site encompasses two communities which serve as vibrant Savannah suburbs. Maritime freight carriers dock in berths lining the riverway. The port's proximity to Savannah and it’s major freeways airport and rail lines ensures ready access to transportation and shipping services. 

Environmental Protection

The port is active in supporting efforts to preserve and improve the natural environment around the port. Nine acres of wetlands at the Garden City Terminal have come under the protection of the GPA. By channeling surface runoff into wetlands, multiple types of pollutants are remediated  and flood control and habitat protection is gained.

The Caretta Research Project, sponsored by the Georgia Ports Authority, is dedicated to protecting right whales and loggerhead turtles, and ensuring the health of local  tidal marshes.

Current Facts 

Available statistics support the importance of the Port of Savannah as Georgia's premier shipping location. Currently, Ocean Terminal offers more than 1.4 million square feet of warehouse capacity. The Garden City Terminal now serves as the fourth leading U.S. facility for processing international shipping container cargos. To manage all this activity, the Georgia Port Authority has hired more than 1,100 specialists with training in logistics. Commerce at the Port of Savannah pumps an estimated $84.1 billion dollars into Georgia's economy every year, while supporting over 350,000 employment positions. 

Future Plans 

Most experts predict the Port of Savannah's growth during the next few years could potentially continue to accelerate at the whirlwind 2017 pace. However, with its superb facilities and readily available roadway and rail access, this commercial center will certainly remain vital for decades.

For example, Port City Logistics’ freight brokerage and logistics crews and facilities maintains over 2 million square feet of storage space in this location. We enjoy 24-hour security monitoring for cargo and ready access to rail services and two interstates: I-95 and I-16. We are well-positioned to serve enterprises engaged in shipping consumer goods, paper products, retail merchandise, beverages, foodstuffs, and chemicals. 

Port City Logistics is well established in the Port of Savannah community as a full service logistics provider. Find out more insider information from us by getting in touch on our contact page

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