Savannah and the Shipping Industry

Posted by Port City Logistics on Jan 9, 2020 4:31:01 PM


The City of Savannah and the logistics industry have a relationship 287 years in the making. Dating all the way back to 1744, James Oglethorpe helped construct the first dock for ocean-going ships for the city. Quickly, the benefits began to pour into our city. Within only 30 years, warehouses lined the Savannah River and changed our city into what we know today.

While the rest seems history, the outlook for what’s yet to come for Savannah almost seems unimaginable. As the nation's second largest container exporter, the City of Savannah is growing by the minute. Sometimes, you can hear the lone horn of a freighter in the distance or maybe even see a ship off the coast of Tybee Island. Whatever the case, there’s far more than you’d ever expect going on!

What Makes Savannah a Prime Port For You?

download-2For Port City Logistics, Savannah is the perfect place for our business to run at such a high level. Mere miles from major interstates like I-95 and I-16 as well as the Georgia Ports Authority in close proximity, our warehouses and operations can move your business’s merchandise, supplies, and products with incredible efficiency. Freight ships can load and unload all from the same dock, allowing massive freight liners to get in and out of the port with ease. Savannah is the westernmost deep water port on the east coast, which makes it incredibly attractive to overseas companies looking to save money. This allows your business to import materials or export your products faster than any other port. 

Bigger is Better

Only a few short years ago in 2018, the Georgia Port Authority expanded the Savannah-area ports to allow Super Post-Panamax ships into our harbors, bringing our total to around 30+. While this may seem like no large feat, this total is one of the largest amounts for any terminal in the United States. For customers, this means we’re able to move thousands of containers per hour and push through more vessels at breathtaking rates. Every step is faster, allowing our 3PL to get your cargo to market so your business can grow to new heights. business-logistics-concept-container-cargo_1150-17845

Unmatched Potential

While Savannah continues to grow as a logistical beacon of optimism, the expectation from lawmakers is that the port will continue to grow at an incredible rate while the harbor-deepening project continues. In addition to the port expansions, the Mason Mega Rail project will double Savannah’s rail capacity and create the largest inter-modal facility in North America and is expected to be completed by 2021. These projects can accumulate to one of the best ports in the world once completed.

Port City Logistics and Your Business

Outsourcing your business’s logistics can help you navigate the countless layers of paperwork, information, and barriers. We're experienced at getting through the multiple layers of paperwork and customs regulations. The port system can be confusing, difficult, and downright frustrating if not led by an experienced professional. Our single source logistics model will be the perfect compliment to your business and optimize distribution. Whatever your logistics needs are, we’re here to create the best solution for you. Get your custom quote today!



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