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International freight shipping and storage is a major industry that continues to grow exponentially each year. The logistics behind moving freight is complex and heavily dependent on many contingent factors. There are some basic factors that go into each potential freight move. Port City Logistics has put together a compilation of frequently asked questions served to briefly explain the fundamentals of international freight movement.

Are All Parcel Shipments Considered Freight?

Despite these two terms frequently being used interchangeably, there is a clear difference between parcel and freight packages. Primarily, parcel shipments are smaller in nature and generally make up consumer goods. These items are boxed for end users and typically weigh less than 75 pounds. Actual freight packages usually weigh more than 150 pounds and are packaged for industrial use. These items may require pallets or crates and are often stored in warehouse space.

Can I Ship My Personal Vehicle?

Yes, personal automobiles as well as those available for resale can be shipped internationally. To prepare for storage, a complete list of contents should be provided to the freight company. This manifest of personal items will be turned in for review to each customs agency that the cargo passes through on its way to the ultimate destination. In most cases, this can be done in advance of the shipping day and contents will be cursorily reviewed at the time of pass through.

What Is The Time-frame For Shipping Freight?

Shipping times for international freight packages will vary based on a number of different factors. Total distance is of course the main concern, and some sensitive items may need to be temporarily stored, sorted, or treated before moving on to the next port of call. Customs regulations vary between countries and this may require freight to be inspected at various ports. Expedited delivery options are available for all types of international shipping cargo. Additional fees may be required, but in many cases expedited freight can be delivered within one day.

Are Shipping Rates Calculated In Advance?

Just as there are extenuating circumstances for the delivery of international freight, there are also special considerations for shipping rates. Frequent customers may choose to share a trailer with other business owners and enjoy a discounted rate. This works well for orders of lighter weight that need to be shipped right away. They may be referred to as less than truckload (LTL) freight orders. A full truckload, or TL, means there is room for only one freight order per trailer. Most freight transportation companies will provide an accurate quote to customers. This may include a flat rate, a mileage breakdown, or a weight calculation.

Third Party Freight Services

Choosing a freight service can be a time consuming process and many businesses prefer to utilize the services of a third party logistics company. Port City Logistics has been in operation for nearly two decades and has consistently grown since inception. They have nine warehouses and over two million square feet of space throughout the Savannah area. They cover all aspects of the logistics process from drayage services to long term storage, and everything in between.

Light industrial warehouse support such as picking and packing and preparing items for distribution are also available. They use state of the art warehouse management systems to facilitate the tracking, storage, and distribution of all types of freight. Port City is available for all distribution needs and takes pride in superior customer satisfaction. 

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