Make Your Shipping More Efficient

Posted by Port City Logistics on Jun 7, 2019 9:38:00 AM

Make Your Shipping More Efficient3PL stands for third-party logistics. It’s also known as a TPL, and its purpose is to help businesses manage their supply chain. You can use a 3PL to help increase customer service, improve your supply chain and control costs.

When you’re teaming up with a 3PL business, you get powerful results by gaining an effective logistics operation. That’s because it will help with transportation, delivery, inventory optimization and reverse logistics. This makes the supply chain run better, and it can save your company money.

Make Your Shipping More Efficient

When creating an association, use hard data to decide on goals. First, understand your company’s needs in depth so that you can plan with a 3PL to help reduce shipping costs. Before implementing the proper logistics contract, make sure that the following departments have been represented: information technology, finance, marketing, purchasing, sales and vendor management.

Automated Solutions

Many successful companies have automated solutions for processing orders the same day. This is now normal for companies who are serious about good customer service. Additionally, it allows for inventory visibility, detailed tracking of sequential items and assimilation of outgoing shipments.

Logistics operations can be seen as good marketing. Simply hiring the cheapest Savannah logistics provider can lead to customer service issues, negatively affecting sales. When service logistics are implemented capably, they can help make a business become more competitive. A partnership with a 3PL allows shippers to conserve costs and achieve higher service standards.

Third-party logistics providers offer skills that shippers usually don’t have in-house. Problems can be difficult for shippers to handle on their own because they are busy with other tasks. Skilled supply chain managers and logistics professionals are well equipped with connections and know-how to make the transportation industry work for you.

The right people can make shipping more efficient

One case in point is the complexities of international or ocean freight shipping. it helps to have the right people in place to deal with agencies and regulations.

When you let a 3PL handle these issues, you can focus on what you are good at—  Your business! If you conduct international business, a 3PL can handle customs, duties, certification and other problems at the border. Some issues may delay shipments, but you won’t have to drop everything to try to find solutions.

Other assets you can tap into with a full-service 3PL or single source logistics company are warehousing and some proprietary transportation assets like trucks. Using a 3PL to streamline your shipping operations can save you money, but also the stress of making sure all the details are covered for every shipment.

Our clients are partners, and we are invested in your success. We never tire of looking for ways to improve your shipping efficiency and make your job easier. Start the conversation with us today for long term results. 


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