LED Lowcountry Lights Up Port City Logistics!

Posted by Port City Logistics on Oct 2, 2017 2:06:58 PM

Port City Logistics is saving money every year by switching to energy efficient LED lighting!


Port City Logistics owns and manages nearly 2 million square feet of warehouse facilities in the heart of the Savannah port system. One of their facilities used to store food products had been converted from area bulk storage to aisle racking. They discovered that the lighting in their 180,000-square foot building was in need of an upgrade. The challenge was to adequately and economically light 23 aisles with food products stacked to  the ceiling. There were too few lights with many of the existing lights either totally blocked or poorly spaced.

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Enter LED Lowcountry. We designed a lighting system that delivers the recommended light levels throughout the facility. To do so, we increased the fixture count from 143 to 205 and installed fixtures equipped with aisle lenses that direct the light to the floor. The increased fixture count did not mean a bigger electric bill. By installing high performance LED fixtures equipped with a motion sensor, we increased efficiency by 83%.


Capital outlays are always an important factor when considering a lighting upgrade. Port City Logistics decided to take advantage of our Efficiency-as-a-Service program. The new lights are paid for through a fixed percentage of the metered electric savings. The upgraded lighting improved lighting, reduced electric costs,
eliminated maintenance costs while leading to greater safety and improved operations. Problem solved.

Did You Know?

LED Lowcountry’s team tracks and maintains a database of government and utility incentives and rebates for energy-efficient lighting products. We track available incentives at every level-federal, state and local. We will work to make sure that all available subsidies are utilized. #LEDsaves

About LED Lowcountry:

LED Lowcountry provides energy efficient lighting solutions for commercial and industrial facilities throughout coastal South Carolina and Georgia. We help businesses dramatically lower energy and maintenance costs while delivering superior lighting for less. LED Lowcountry’s Energy Solutions team makes energy savings easier. Together we will uncover the best ways to save energy for your unique facility and your unique business plan. Our customers receive complete, fully installed and functioning solutions, instead of boxes of products delivered to a loading dock. We want you to be able to exploit energy advantages to gain competitive advantage. As an independent resource, LED Lowcountry’s objective is to determine, source, install and verify your ideal solution. We don’t manufacture products and we’re not tied to a single technology or solution. We deliver custom solutions that save energy while maximizing performance.

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