Jobs for Veterans in Logistics

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jobs for veterans in logisticsCurrently there are jobs for veterans in logistics. Highly-skilled transitioning military personnel are encouraged to look to the Logistics industry for post-service careers. Former military that are trained in logistics specialties can provide the backbone for both management and labor, filling important roles in moving goods from A to B. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities are predicted to increase through 2024, and here in Savannah the port is growing at a roaring pace, meaning that civilian jobs for ex-military will continue to expand.

Logistics as a defined part of moving material in a developed supply chain originated in the military, as troop movements needed to be accompanied by food and supplies. As such the US military has continued to be on the cutting edge of logistics technologies and experience. Bring all of that to Port City Logistics if you are about to retire or finish a stint in the armed forces.

Jobs for Veterans in Logistics Management

Logistic Officers within the Armed Forces oversee the entire supply chain: ordering, warehousing, inventory, database management, coordinating transportation, and ensuring material delivery to bases/outposts. Logistics Officers frequently oversee the security of a military base as well. Managers analyze supply chain systems, review processes and design/implement plans and procedures when needed.

Jobs for Veterans in Logistics Labor

Transitioning military personnel also provide the needed manpower within the labor category. Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations need workers with skill sets to track, sort,and load cargo safely. Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance workers can find great employment in warehouses and dockyards here in Savannah, from forklift operators to guards, to quality control agents.

Categories of work positions include

Health, safety, and Environmental Management- research and execute plans to make the port environment safer and cleaner.

Logistics Planning and Management Services, including engineering and supply chain management, these folks are the sergeants directly in charge of getting freight where it needs to be.

Sales and Services workers- interested in marketing logistics services to new customers? The market is red hot with more manufacturers outsourcing their transportation to third party logistics firms like Port City Logistics.

Transportation Operations- got your CDL? If not there is a special Military CDL skills test waiver in Georgia program that make it a lot easier to get one for the purpose participating in the trucking aspect of freight hauling.

Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations - all the sorting, packing, unpacking, labeling, storing, retrieving and moving cargo must be done perfectly and on time.

Ft. Stewart GA

Ft. Stewart GA is the home to Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield, 3rd Infantry. It’s the largest Army installation east of the Mississippi River, covering 280,000 acres. Located 41 miles southwest of the City of Savannah, many call it home and would like to stay after their hitch. Logistics personnel completing their tour of duty certainly have opportunities near Savannah, GA. Just search for "jobs in logistics in Savannah,” and find Port City Logistics- we’d love to talk with you about your expertise and abilities.

Port of Savannah

Not far from Ft. Stewart GA is the largest single-container terminal in North America. The Port of Savannah is comprised of two modern, deepwater terminals: Garden City Terminal and Ocean Terminal. The Garden City Terminal is the fourth busiest container handling facility within the United States, with a site footprint of more than 1,200 acres. Millions of tons of containerized cargo are moved annually. The Port of Savannah also supports two railroads: Norfolk Southern & CSX. Oceangoing vessel facilities line both sides of the Savannah River - which is approximately 18 miles (29 km) from the Atlantic Ocean. 

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