Inland Port Greer’s Standout Year

Posted by Port City Logistics on Mar 3, 2023 1:15:29 PM

In case you didn’t know, we’ve been publishing a lot of articles about the boom in shipping volume and economic developments occurring in east coast ports. You should really check them out. Not only are these articles diving into issues regarding the eastward shift in port volume, but also how Inland Port Greer plays a prominent role in these economic developments. This article takes a closer look at why shippers are turning to South Carolina as their port of choice for all their containerized ocean freight.

Why is Inland Port Greer Important for Shippers?

Inland ports are strategically important shipping locations that connect the inland territories of various countries to global shipping networks. These ports are disconnected from the sea and instead depend on canals, lakes, and river systems to bring commodities deeper into national territories. There are hundreds of inland ports located throughout the world. The location of inland ports are historically significant for their ability to boost local trade and regional economic development. Just ask the folks who live in South Carolina and the hundreds of thousands of people dependent on Inland Port Greer.

Last year, South Carolina Ports accounted for almost 2.8million TEUs, making them some of the busiest shipping terminals in the United States.Why is this significant? It points to the growing reliance and strategic economic importance that east coast ports have for global shippers and the logistics industry as a whole. For example, industry data shows that South Carolina Ports moved nearly 200,000 vehicles in 2022 alone, helping to connect U.S. automakers to global markets. Inland Ports Greer and Dillon accounted for over 160,000 intermodal shipments last year, helping shippers connect with customers located in the U.S. Southeast. According to SC Ports President Barbara Melvin, South Carolina’s ports support over 225,000 jobs in the state.

Some Valuable Tidbits of Interest about Inland Port Greer

If you’re thinking about where to dock and service your next ocean container, the first course of action is to contact a single source logistics provider that specializes in handling all inbound and outbound shipments from South Carolina Ports. Shippers small and large consider Port City Logistics as the local favorite for any ocean freight coming into or out of Inland Port Greer. The Port itself has certain perks for shippers such as:

  • Inland Port Greer is a 24/7 shipping terminal that helps global shippers extend well beyond the Port of Charleston and several hundreds of miles into the interior of the country.

  • The South Carolina Energy Office estimates that Inland Port Greer and Dillion saved nearly 1,000,000 gallons of diesel fuel and eliminated over 11,000 tons of emissions from the air by reducing truck traffic, helping shippers and carriers eliminate their carbon footprint. 

  • In 2022, a whopping 150,000 intermodal transfers were conducted at Inland Port Greer, demonstrating the enormous growth of the rail industry in connection with the Port.

  • Automaker BMW exports 60% of their manufactured vehicles in the United States out of Inland Port Greer and the Port of Charleston

Recent Economic Developments Bolstering Inland Port Greer

Just this last year, the South Carolina Department of Commerce secured over $10bn in investment from multinational corporations to expand operations in South Carolina, resulting in the development of over 120 current building projects, and an expanding labor pool of nearly 14,000 workers Aside from that, SC Ports themselves have added an additional $2bn in funding to support modernizing efforts to expand Inland Port Greer and other port terminals. This includes a new intermodal yard that connects major railroad lines to the strategic port. Ocean shippers are expanding their business partnerships with Port City Logistics for the drayage, intermodal, transloading, final mile, and port-to-door transportation required to handle all the increased volume in oceanized freight.  

East Coast Ocean Shippers Use Port City Logistics

There’s reasons why shippers prefer to use fully-integrated logistics partners that own their own fleet of assets, equipment, and brick and mortar warehouse and transloading facilities. It makes ocean shipping so much easier when you call on Port City Logistics. Since 2001, Port City Logistics has helped shippers small and large navigate North American ports and the logistics required to connect global shippers to their customers. Their friendly team of logistics experts are waiting to service your next container. Contact an expert at Port City Logistics today, and find your perfect logistics fit!

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