How Supply Chain Inefficiency Hurts Your Business

Posted by Port City Logistics on Mar 11, 2020 5:00:00 PM

In an eCommerce driven marketplace, the customer sets high expectations on every detail. Information drives our modern economy. Customers want to know when and how their shipments will arrive. If it’s early, the customer is happy. If it’s a moment late, the customer becomes frustrated. Even the smallest hiccups can cause a customer to opt for a competitor. In these moments, a business’s supply chain becomes vital. This article will inform you of why you must keep an efficient supply chain and how supply chain inefficiency hurts your business.

Supply Chain Inefficiency

Less Supplies Out

First, it’s important to measure how much volume your supply chain can handle and still run at prime levels. Typically, if your supply chain becomes inefficient, your business tends to have fewer products shipped in or out of your warehouse. Consequently, your business will begin to dwindle simply due to your supply chain’s inability to ship products out on schedule.

When you have a cap to the volume of supplies you can receive from your supply chain, your team can only produce a certain amount of products before being able to produce more. When less supplies come in or out, the maximum amount of profit you can create diminishes.

Constant Delays

If your business can’t get the supplies it needs to fulfill orders, a massive backup can hinder your progress. The examples of how this hurts your business are endless. If a retailer doesn’t receive the newest drop of designer shoes, customers will become upset and shop elsewhere. If a restaurant can’t get a shipment of meat or veggies, customers can’t have that particular dish. This directly hurts business and diminishes customer loyalty. PCL CTA Supply chain

Hurts Your Brand

As every entrepreneur knows, client relations can make or break your business. When your customers are happy, they’ll tend to purchase more from you and expand their business partnership. Once a client begins to doubt your ability to move products, these customers will decline business.

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