How Does Peak Shipping Season Affect My Business?

Posted by Port City Logistics on Nov 25, 2020 4:30:00 PM


The holidays can be a stressful time as it is. With all of the tight deadlines making life interesting as well as making sure that all of the details have been taken care of, it can make for an active time of the year. This time of year sees more emergency trips to the grocery store, hobby shops, and emergency rooms than almost any other period of the year. When combined with the peak shipping season, it can make life all sorts of interesting for more than just your personal life; it can have a serious effect on your business as well.

The Basic Problem

“Peak shipping season” is referred to this way because it is the time of year when everyone tries to ship at that the same time. Families and friends are trying to ship Christmas presents while businesses are trying to deal with the potential increase in business around the holidays. This results in a massive influx of shipping on all levels, and that influx swamps all deliverers, from the local grocery delivery to the international shippers. While you are probably aware of that in a general sense, you need to keep in mind that it creates a massive logistics mess around the holidays.

What This Means To You

This massive influx means that you need to plan for it ahead of time. The carrot of dealing with this is that most businesses do a sizable chunk of their business around this time of year, and how they do around the holidays sets the pace for the rest of the fiscal year. That gives businesses an incentive to have as much product on hand as they can and to figure out how best to ship anything else that they need. However, the stick is that this means estimating when the peak will hit and making sure that you have your product shipped as close to the leading edge of that as possible. PCL CTA 2

This can create a lot of problems for businesses as they need to plan for the peak shipping season. This is a period when the logistics people must work tirelessly to deal with the massive number of arriving shipments. If not dealt with properly, many shipping issues can arise.


Other Potential Issues

Peak shipping season can create a number of problems for businesses: The season causes potential shipping delays, and that can cause work to be delayed and possibly upset customers. It can also mean that you do not have a product when you need it. By ordering ahead you can eliminate a lot of these problems, and make the season easier, as well as possibly give you an edge on your customers. Get a handle on the season early and it may actually be good for you.

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