Freight Brokerages Services Should Be Custom to Companies' Needs...Here's Why

Posted by Port City Logistics on Sep 16, 2021 11:56:37 AM

Professional freight brokerage services add value and flexibility to any supply chain. According to Verified Market Research, the freight brokerage market value is expected to reach USD $13.28 billion by 2028. Given that, and the fact that there is an armada of companies that provide logistics services by other names, means there will be plenty of opportunities to form partnerships that add tremendous value. Working with a partner can generate a strong return on investment, which makes brokerage services one of the most vital and sought-after of all shipping services available today. Another enticing factor to consider: Brokerages don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, customizable broker services are the name of the game for several reasons. 

1. Capacity Procurement Is Challenging

Capacity and transportation procurement requires a very specialized approach.

A freight broker can provide shippers with the right level of capacity, depending on the current market trends and the individual business goals for the period. Partnering with a broker makes it easier to plan for seasonal peaks and predicted lows, and even sudden changes in market trends do not have to turn into major disruptions with customized brokerage services. 

2. Lead Time Variations May Require Different Strategies

Freight brokerage service providers are masters at shipping, and working with a broker makes it easier to take advantage of market trends and current capacity levels quickly and easily. It also allows shippers to access the latest technology for ocean freight monitoring and visibility into business logistics. Every shipment is different and will require a unique strategy to manage effectively.

3. Commodity Types May Require Different Modes, Such as Reefer Vs. Dry Van

 With the help of an experienced freight broker, it will become much easier to diversify and provide custom shipping for commodity loads coming into and out of major ports. Modern freight brokerage services can easily match general dry van services with bulk shipment orders or find capacity and reefer trucks for more specialized commodity loads. The ability to access specialized transportation options can help shippers maximize capacity and secure more customers regularly. 

4. Brokerages Offering a Custom Portfolio of Services Can Handle Time-Sensitive, Perishable Products Too

Freight broker partners make maintaining a diverse portfolio easier while keeping a wide range of shipment options available. They will have an extensive carrier network base that can provide many advantages over an in-house shipping department. Whether the need entails ocean freight transportation services, drayage transportation, or first-mile or final-mile services, a freight broker can provide the right shipper/carrier match to take care of every need.

5. A One-Size-Fits-All Cost Results in Overspend in Low-Volatile Markets

One key advantage shippers can enjoy when utilizing freight brokerage services is an increase in profits. By avoiding cookie-cutter services and offering custom rates and bid procedures based on market volatility and shipper status, overspending falls by the wayside. Bids and offers designed to meet current trends and demands always provide a better ROI and better profits. 

6. Technology Continues to Evolve and Leads to New Opportunities for Improvement

The very best freight brokerage services providers have embraced the latest technology and supply chain innovations. By leveraging automated processes, machine learning, AI, robotics, and other technologically backed platforms and operations, freight brokers can open doors to more significant improvements throughout the entire supply chain network. 

7. Warehousing Near Ports Can Help Reduce Truck Turn Times Too

The final benefit innovative brokerage services have to offer professionals who manage ocean freight logistics is warehousing operations. Efficiently using local warehouses and distribution centers streamlines transportation and  helps avoid potential demurrage and detention fees. Loading and unloading can happen more quickly, and container turn times decline as well. 

Leverage a Customizable Freight Brokerage Services Solution by Partnering With Port City Logistics

Freight brokerage options make it easier for teams to focus on maintaining a competitive advantage during times of market volatility.  Even shippers with years of industry experience can benefit from freight brokers and their services when it comes to managing critical aspects of the modern supply chain. Take full advantage of freight brokerage services today by contacting Port City Logistics for more information.

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