Four Ways to Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Posted by Port City Logistics on Apr 24, 2020 4:45:00 PM

Efficient supply chains save customers countless funds by improving delivery times, customer satisfaction, and factory processing times. As a result, less products and materials are wasted. These following four ways to improve supply chain efficiency will benefit your business and improve your business’s general economic health over time.

Widen Your Networks

Analyzing each aspect of your supply chain will help you find the specific issues your team may come across. Your network may do well in certain areas, but may also struggle in others. There are two schools of thought when looking at your distribution networks: holistic and cluster. In a holistic approach, you break down each aspect of the supply chain to understand how it works in sync with other parts. In contrast, a cluster approach uses visual data such as graphs and charts to help you numerically understand your network.

Speaking with your suppliers helps you widen your overall network. You may be able to leverage your partnerships or create new ones by simply starting a conversation about your current concerns; however, this does rely on how much influence you do have on your partner.

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Create a Strategy

A solid strategy lays out the proper framework for improving your supply chain. This allows a business to greatly diminish the length of delivery time. When formulating a strategy, consider the following factors: warehousing, cross-decking, production facilities, and network suppliers. Each of these aspects play small roles in the overall efficiency of your supply chain. When you’re creating your strategy, it’s imperative that you dissect each of these aspects to understand each flaw and look for improvements. Once you’ve analyzed each part, you can see the difference between and create a strategy that uses better practices/suppliers.

Work With Your Staff

Often, your staff knows the small nuances of your supply chain. The staff can tell you firsthand what works and what doesn’t work with the current supply chain. While other options may slightly be more expensive, the benefits of a smoother chain may be worth the extra money. Asking your staff can unlock information that was once inaccessible to you. This allows more transparency from the top to the bottom.

Implementing Change

The toughest aspect of improving your supply chain is implementing the numerous small changes you have made to your system. While some examples may be small (i.e. changing from one production method to another) or larger (i.e. switching distributors), these factors snowball into a larger sequence that can be tough to implement. This is when Port City Logistics can help your business the most. When you struggle to switch suppliers or find one that works best for your business, Port City already has the infrastructure and connections needed to make these changes for you. We’ll speed up and optimize your supply chain so you can get the best results possible.

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