Five Reasons to Review Your Trade Compliance

Posted by Port City Logistics on Feb 15, 2020 3:30:00 PM

Businesses frequently conduct extensive international shipping. The growth of global eCommerce contributes to the rise of import and export trade volumes in many places. Along with this trend, the number and complexity of the laws governing this commercial activity massively grew.


Enterprises that engage in importing and/or exporting typically find plenty of benefits in reviewing their compliance programs frequently. In this article, we'll analyze four reasons to review your trade compliance.

Trade Laws And Regulations Change Over The Course of Time


Developing geopolitical tensions or alliances may sometimes create new trade provisions. For example, one nation may impose a tariff on certain categories of products, and other governments may respond in return. These legal changes sometimes significantly impact a company's import and export compliance requirements.


Maintaining an Effective Compliance Program Helps Risk Management


By establishing and maintaining compliance programs, companies demonstrate their good faith efforts to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Even innocent violations of this complex body of law sometimes carry hefty penalties. For example, the first failure to comply with an Importer Security Filing can cost up to $5,000 on a per Bill of Lading basis. Competitive businesses today simply cannot discount the importance of company compliance programs.


Compliance Programs Furnish Easy Access to Important Documentation


Today, international trade generates a wide variety of documents. From invoices and bills of lading to Country of Origin certificates and order confirmation emails, this material provides evidence of the unfolding of commercial transactions. Compliance officers may need to access this documentation quickly on short notice in order to verify details. Merchants who cannot locate essential documentation upon request may discover they attract the interest of regulators. Fairly or unfairly, government agencies sometimes presume an absence of essential documentation equates with a failure to comply with regulations.


Compliance Problems May Result in Significant Shipping Delays


If compliance issues arise at a Port of Entry, in addition to possible legal consequences the impacted importer and exporter may encounter costly delays in the shipping process. In some situations, these types of disruptions result in financial losses. For instance, if a shipment of cut flowers remains "on hold" for several days while officials wait to receive essential documentation about the origin of the plants, the potential time to market the perishable order declines. The importer may discover it cannot find customers for 90% of the shipment as a result of the unforeseen delay. Many types of cargo require expeditious handling in order to prevent business losses. A robust compliance program helps minimize unnecessary delays.


Commercial Activity at The Port of Savannah


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