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Posted by Port City Logistics on Nov 28, 2017 1:13:28 PM

Companies sending cargo through the Port of Savannah GA enjoy access to partial container load freight transportation resources supported by fast, streamlined digital networks. Rapid advances in the field of information technology management have transformed the shipping industry during the past decade. Sophisticated software programs allow independent freight brokers to save money for their clients through digital freight matching. Our customers benefit from optimized economies of scale when they use our streamlined warehousing, distribution, transportation and port drayage services, which is made possible through use of electronic freight management.

Powerful Computerized Tools

Electronic Freight Management Savannah GAThe lynch pin of this cargo shipping revolution lies in the development of impressive computing resources. Today, thanks to powerful digital technology, many shipping lines transmit data to managers in real-time. They submit up-to-the-minute reports about the quantity and condition of the freight consigned to their care. Logistical planners possess the tools required to determine (and predict) arriving inventory in order to optimize warehouse space.


An online search for "logistics Savannah GA" only scratches the surface of the complexity underlying this process. Indeed, many shipping companies seek to maximize their profits by accepting cargo from freight brokers who combine less-than-container-load shipments from numerous low volume customers in order to benefit from economies of scale. These services frequently permit clients shipping cargo infrequently or in small quantities to enjoy attractive cost savings.

Enhanced Efficiency

Improved efficiency remains a key objective of our freight management services. Before the development of fast, rapid computer databases capable of processing data entries in real-time, a company in Savannah GA seeking to ship a small order to a retailer in the Midwest might face extensive shipping delays waiting for a truck to accept a partial container load. The shipper could also expect to pay numerous charges and fees for reserving valuable cargo shipping and warehouse space without using a full, dedicated container.

By contrast, today’s sophisticated commercial shipping databases allow freight broker services to develop the most efficient routes for sending customer shipments through transportation networks. We save our customers time and money because we utilize database resources to combine their shipments with those of other smaller shippers along the route. Everyone benefits in this process, including the recipients of shipments; they don't need to wait for extended periods of time to receive orders from companies located in the Savannah. The enhanced efficiency of our fast, networked shipping resources benefits consumers.

Improved Accountability

Fast electronic freight management supplies another extremely important benefit: it offers improved accountability. Before the era of real-time data flows, people shipping and receiving goods through the flow of commerce sometimes found themselves at the mercy of adverse weather conditions, breakdowns or other unforeseen events. Today, logistical improvements have eliminated many of these problems.

For example, in the past a refrigerated truck carrying temperature-sensitive cargo from Georgia to New Orleans during a summer heat wave might lose a significant amount of freight if an unexpected mechanical failure damaged the refrigeration unit. Today, sensors in the refrigerator compartment can notify truck company managers as soon as temperatures begin dropping, and logistical programs enable the trucking company to arrange to transfer the cargo to another refrigerated unit before damage occurs. Real-time information exchanges enhance the safety and reliability of modern distribution networks. Many transportation companies have invested extensively in technology to permit effective shipment tracking. A freight broker can help you track your company's shipments through secure warehouse and transportation networks.

Cost Savings

Ultimately, the rise of electronic freight management Savannah GA helps companies and their customers enjoy more efficient, reliable shipping. Let Port City Logistics show you how our services can assist your company’s bottom line. If you send or receive cargo through the Port of Savannah, we'll help you optimize and streamline your shipping!

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