Drayage Truck Visibility: Bringing Light to Processes to Improve Collaboration & Operations

Posted by Port City Logistics on Jul 15, 2021 8:52:28 AM

The term drayage, frequently used in shipping and transportation, refers to niche shipping services where cargo containers are moved off ships or railcars and are broken down into smaller packages and carried the final miles of delivery. Of all the aspects involved in supply chain transportation, drayage truck visibility remains one of the most critical yet most overlooked. It is essential during normal market operations as well as times of peak shipping volumes. At the heart of efficient shipping services lies drayage transportation services. 

Why Limited Drayage Truck Visibility Leads to Higher Freight Spend for Shippers

Access to real-time data and status updates is critical for successful growth and operations within the supply chain for shippers. Precise, accurate data and strong drayage truck visibility give them some comfort level when monitoring status updates and planning the next leg of the transportation process. According to The Journal of Commerce Online, poor visibility leads to second-guesses, poor decisions, rushed choices, and an increase of mistakes. Without knowing exactly where a shipment is and when it will arrive, logistics managers must work through predictive planning based on assumptions and hopes rather than firm data and verified status updates. Without end-to-end visibility, managers and supervisors, freight forwarders and freight brokers are essentially working blind and hoping that their plans don’t fall through because of delays or unexpected disruptions. 

Increased Visibility Offers Top Benefits

An increase in drayage truck visibility can bring a host of benefits to the modern supply chain network, making it easier to track and ship freight

  • Communications – Improved access to consumers, customer support, and team members regarding status updates
  • Collaboration – On-demand data and dashboard access to allow team collaboration anytime, anywhere.
  • Budgeting – Better expense monitoring and management allows for better financial planning and tracking. 
  • Predictive Planning – Access to real-time data and status updates allows for better planning and forecasting.
  • Adaptability – Efficient operations across the board allow for faster and easier scalability and adaptability.

Embracing advancements in technology and innovation make it easier for logistics managers and supply chain supervisors to always maintain drayage truck visibility.

Tips to Improve Visibility in Drayage

While drayage truck visibility is essential for a smooth-running operation  that drives continued growth within the modern transportation network, the how-to’s can become overwhelming at times. At the heart of it all is the ability to keep things running smoothly and efficiently while working out the best way to implement advances and automation to improve drayage tracking and performance. Drayage visibility can be enhanced with the following things in mind:

  1. Ensure proper technology application and utilization within the network.
  2. Embrace modern technology and innovation to improve daily operations.
  3. Practice reasonable onboarding procedures when bringing new technology online.
  4. Maintain open lines of communication inside and outside the supply chain.
  5. Provide opportunities for collaboration with team members and third parties.

Increase Collaboration and Operational Efficiency by Choosing the Right Technology and Partner for Drayage Truck Visibility

Drayage is a critical step when shipping freight. This is especially true today when customers are no longer simply asking, ”Where is my shipment?” Instead, the questions become much more complex and involve queries such as:

  • How are the carriers I’m working with performing?
  • Are my facilities keeping up with the supply and demand?
  • Are there weaknesses and gaps in my logistical network that affects drayage performance?
  • What options are available for intermodal shipping and tracking?
  • What is the probability of this shipment being delayed?
  • What areas can be improved within the supply chain network to improve drayage truck performance and tracking?” 

You can find answers to those and other critical questions with the right approach to successful delivery and drayage services. Contact Port City Logistics today to learn more. 


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