Disruptive Technologies in Logistics

Posted by Port City Logistics on Jun 20, 2019 1:14:20 PM

Disruptive technologies in logistics is coming. From drone deliveries to robotic trucks, the logistics world as we know it is changing. This means new efficiencies for our customers, safer roads and a reduced impact on the environment. Imagine a trucker working on her laptop or resting while the all-electric vehicle navigates itself down long stretches of highway. Or a staff of remote drivers who help up trucks navigate heavy traffic or bad weather— from a cubicle in an office building. Eventually, even the human element will be past tense, and loads will get from A to B with only a little assistance from us.

Digital Freight Matching  Free Custom Quote

Rideshare technology has revolutionized the way that many people travel. Now similar technology has begun to revolutionize the world of logistics. new process called digital freight matching allows those who work for trucking companies to use an app to find and claim space for inventory that need to be transported. Information accessible through the app includes current load locations, their destinations, the times at which they will be available to be picked up and the prices that carriers charge. This will allow carriers with available trucks and customers with available loads to find one another with tremendous ease. No more deadheading (trucks transporting an empty trailer) will save on fuel and time.

Ridesharing technology in logistics

It can easily be argued that the benefits of ridesharing technology delivered to the logistics industry will be even more significant than benefits proffered to the passenger marketplace. When people summon a ride using their phone, it is usually their intention to travel somewhere and then later travel back home from that same destination. Freight carriers will frequently send their trucks out on a trip to drop off a load at a certain place and then pick up another load from a location that is close to the delivery point. It doesn’t always work out that way, and routes, loads and timing can get quite complicated for each square foot of cargo space. Digital freight matching technology can enable carriers to plan routes and loads with a minimum of empty space.

Keeping up with the changes

Although some freight forwarders will go out of business because they can’t keep up with rapid automation, there will always be a place for a full service logistics company that can handle the complexities of international transport and liaison with shippers to find the best possible rates and routes.

These emerging disruptive developments in Logistics Technology will change the way goods will move from manufacturer to customer. Port City Logistics is ready for the challenge and we are looking forward to a relationship with your company for the long run, whatever innovations are on the way. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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