Chassis Tracking: 4 Ways Lack of Visibility Is Costing You Money

Posted by Port City Logistics on Sep 28, 2021 8:35:22 AM

Between the time cargo departs a shipping yard and its arrival at a customer’s doorstep, many smaller transfers and exchanges have to happen with intermodal shipping of cargo crates. Most of these moves are between trucks and cargo vessels and rely on specialized chassis to safely and effectively move the cargo. Without effective chassis tracking, the time cargo spends en route can become black holes of transit time that add to port drayage delays. A lack of end-to-end visibility during chassis transportation can damage the bottom line and ruin the customer experience. For many transportation service providers, this can mean millions of dollars in lost revenue and wasted labor and resources.

Poor Chassis Tracking Leads to Higher Turn Times for Drays

Lack of visibility is an ongoing struggle for many managers regardless of industry. However, within the transportation and shipping market, this issue can affect the most critical aspect of shipping — ETAs and delayed shipping. In the Business Continuity Institute’s 2017 report on global supply chain resilience, nearly 70 percent of respondents said they feel that their visibility into the finer workings of their supply chains is greatly lacking. Delays and issues associated with monitoring chassis movements and load location only add to the confusion, obscurity, and difficulty in tracking order location and fine-tuning delivery time estimates.

Limited Visibility Leaves Big Room for Errors in Planning Drayage

Having too many chassis out can cause congestion in loading areas or create shortages. If not enough chassis go out to a loading zone, it can take longer to move containers and get trucks back on the road. Moving chassis to areas with delays or issues requires more labor resources that then cannot be dedicated to other areas of transportation operations. Real-time data and effective chassis tracking bring complete logistical management visibility and make better planning and more effective utilization simple and easy. It all rests on supply chain sustainability and good management every step of the way.

Little Tracking Amounts to Asset Misuse

Effective chassis tracking can also assist with asset management and allow logistics managers to track expenses, resources, budgets, and team member workflows more effectively. Research from the BCI’s 2018 report found that 56% of respondents had experienced a supply chain disruption in the past 12 months. These disruptions come from various sources, including adverse weather, traffic congestion, poor network security, transportation network problems, and loading and unloading delays. All of these root causes and many others can be significantly mitigated by implementing effective tracking and monitoring, including when chassis transportation use changes.

It Reduces Your Competitive Advantage

Shipping woes and supply chain inefficiency hurt the overall potential for growth in a competitive marketplace. Data obtained manually will never be 100% accurate and is often outdated. While modern methods cannot predict the future, they are more effective at accurately predicting trends and alerting managers to potential problems. On the flip side, companies that have implemented effective automated tracking processes, including chassis tracking, can better prepare for highs and lows and respond faster and more efficiently to disruptions. Streamlining every step in the transportation process, including chassis use, can ensure good brand recognition and recall among customers.

Increase Chassis Tracking by Partnering With an Expert in Drayage at Port City Logistics

Without effective chassis tracking, many transportation managers and logistics directors find themselves stuck in an endless cycle of confusion, delays, and disruptions. This stress and the lack of end-to-end visibility during chassis transportation can and often does affect the entire supply chain network. By partnering with a drayage services and port logistics expert, it’s much easier to overcome these issues, end the cycle of delays and waste, and streamline transportation management. Contact Port City Logistics today to learn more and to get started.

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