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Partial container load cargo shipping requires careful management of logistical issues. If your enterprise relies heavily upon the transportation of freight, you've likely already encountered the complexity of this field! Today a variety of highly specialized technologies contribute additional intricacy to the subject of effectively managing cargo shipments within the transportation system.

This article will address some key container shipping terms. It will touch upon federal regulations and other factors to consider when working with vehicle and cargo shipping savannah.

The Nuts And Bolts of Container Shipping Terminology

Modern commercial shipping relies heavily upon the "container". This term refers to a sealed rectangular box made of durable metal. Employed to hold cargo during transport, it usually occupies dimensions of 8 feet by 8 feet by 20-feet. Trucks easily tow these reusable shipping containers; they also fit conveniently on rail cars.

Smaller containers accommodate air shippers. A single standard 20-foot long container constitutes a measurement length of 1 "TEU" (a Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit). A 40-foot long unit constitutes 1 "FEU" (a Forty Foot Equivalent Unit).(1) Ocean vessels which transport freight typically offer available "slots" for containers measured in terms of the TEU space.

Some shipping companies, particularly trucking firms, offer "door-to-door" service by sending freight directly from the point of origin to a designated destination. Many freight brokers and forwarders today can supply this convenience for their customers. “Dunnage” are materials used to keep cargo positioned in place during shipping.

Transporting Vehicles

When businesses ship motor vehicles, numerous federal regulations apply. The destination impacts the degree of complexity. For instance, automobile shipments entering the United States from abroad must typically undergo administrative processing at a customs brokerage house. The Treasury Department licenses and regulates these entities. Companies shipping motor vehicles manufactured in the United States to an overseas destination typically use the services of federally licensed Freight Forwarder regulated by Maritime Commissions.

Cargo Shipping Savannah

When companies in the United States ship automobiles or trucks to domestic destinations they face an important decision: whether to send the vehicle inside an enclosed carrier (typically a significantly more expensive option), or whether to use a specialized uncovered transport vehicle. Both methods of transportation may entail waiting periods of up to a month. Auto shipping involves considerable complexity!

Motor Vehicles And Auto Parts Shipments

Both enclosed and uncovered auto shipping offer advantages and disadvantages. Transporting a vehicle within an enclosed container helps protect new automobiles and trucks from potentially damaging roadway debris and inclement weather. On the other hand, this method of freight shipment will cost about 60% more than using an uncovered specialized auto hauler. Usually, all specialized auto carriers offer lower rates for winter shipments, since demand fluctuates on a seasonal basis.

The shipment of motor vehicles and automotive components constitutes a highly complex, specialized field of freight handling. Many companies ship auto parts as individual packages nationwide. These businesses sometimes save money by delegating their shipping arrangements to a partial container load shipping firm.

Cargo Shipping Savannah

Our Savannah, Georgia-based company maintains a modern warehouse located within convenient proximity to both I-95 and I-16. Our warehouse has nearly 2 million square feet of storage. We supply around-the-clock security services at our facility to ensure the integrity of cargo.

If your enterprise regularly sends freight through the Port of Savannah and you'd prefer to outsource some of your cargo management responsibilities, you may find it helpful to contact us. We strive to provide a useful resource for our customers. Get in touch with us to discuss your unique cargo shipping Savannah requirements!


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