Advantages of OTR Transportation

Posted by Port City Logistics on Jun 12, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Over the road (OTR) transport is a popular medium of transport used to ship goods or materials quickly and efficiently. As fast shipping has become expected by more consumers, OTR transport helps get these items to their proper location. Goods are packed safely in containers and shipped to various locations throughout a landlocked area. In this article, we’ll discuss the advantages of OTR transportation.

Efficient and Reliable Transportation

OTR transportation provides efficient and reliable transportation by freight professionals. Many common day-to-day items arrive via road transportation. These goods can be, but aren’t limited to groceries, produce, flowers, and various dry goods. Road freight is widely used for the distribution of goods out of a central location usually called a distribution center. These centers quickly load freight into containers so that they may be transported to the desired location within a client’s desired timeframe. OTR transportation wastes little time to get your items on the road and where you need it as quickly as possible.

Flexible Options

A distinct advantage of OTR transportation is the flexibility in routes, load types, and timeframes. These advantages make OTR transportation attractive options for those who may have specifications on how their freight needs to be shipped.

First, a flexible route allows drivers to bypass high-traffic areas, difficult terrain, or other factors; however, these routes are still optimized thanks to real time GPS updates and experienced drivers that understand alternative routes well. While rail and air transportation must stick to a specific route/schedule, a driver’s on-the-fly decision making can help shave time off from shipment’s estimated time of arrival.

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Next, the flexibility in load type allows freight that can’t be flown to be transported quickly and efficiently. This includes heavy machinery, construction materials, chemicals, and a range of other items. In our particular case, Port City specializes in the shipping of industries like hospitality, beverages, consumer products, retail, food stuffs, pulps and papers, and chemicals. This range allows us to plan and implement a shipping solution that delivers safely and on-time f0r a wide variety of customers.

Another important flexible perk is the timeframe that freight needs to be shipped and delivered. An OTR transport provider can create a shipping plan sometimes in a matter of moments by using their network of drivers. This allows your business to make spur of the moment decisions or fulfill a higher demand quickly.

All Roads Connect

In the lower 48 states, almost every area is accessible via ground transport. This means cities, rural areas, and suburban areas can all be reached with a freight truck. Two neighboring regions can have goods transported between them fairly quickly. In the case of longer distances, more factors come into play (i.e. traffic issues, driver fatigue, state regulations on cargo size/weight). Regardless of these factors, your OTR transportation provider will ensure that each precaution is taken to get your items where they need to be.

Tracking Methods

Another advantage of OTR transportation revolves around the use of technology to keep track of your shipment. GPS tracking, digital logs, and satellite tracking all could potentially be utilized to best estimate your cargo’s arrival time. This allows you to best inform your buyers or suppliers of when your product can hit the shelves or arrive at their front door.

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Dedicated Teams and Routes

Often, businesses opt to do business with a singular transportation provider. Once this relationship is established, a logistics company can further optimize your shipping by creating an optimized route and delivery schedule. This promotes a steady workflow of goods going to customers and consumers as needed.

Create Your OTR Transportation Plan with Port City Logistics

When your business needs to optimize its shipping process, Port City Logistics is the perfect partner. Our experienced staff has created numerous OTR shipping solutions that will change the way your business sends your products. We’ll be happy to further discuss the advantages of OTR transport. Contact us today to get your start a discussion and get a free quote.



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