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Posted by Port City Logistics on May 31, 2019 9:06:20 AM

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Modern steel shipping containers can be modified or engineered to fit almost any shipping requirement, and still fit in that tidy stack on the deck of a container ship.These containers are tough enough to carry and protect heavy loads, resisting harsh environments such as weather, high and low exterior temperatures and the stress of switching between shipping modes. Their genius lies in their flexibility as well as their reliability. Whether stacked on the deck of a giant container ship, attached to a truck chassis, or loaded on a rail car, shipping containers are the workhorses of logistics around the world.

Their widespread use has led to increased availability across the world and a proliferation of specialized designs. Some shippers find that the standard 40 foot containers are too large, too small or the wrong shape to transport their cargo. To meet those demands, many different types of shipping containers have come into play as specialized needs arise.

Open Top Shipping Container

As the term suggests, open top containers feature a tarpaulin cover or a removable top that makes unloading the contents from above much easier. This is helpful for cargo like sections of pipe that can’t be loaded or unloaded through the usual double doors on one end of the container.

Flat Rack Container

These containers are suitable for cargo products that require loading from the top or from the sides. Flat rack containers can be collapsible for return or storage, and are available either with or without side walls. They are manufactured from steel and usually come in 20 or 40 foot capacities.

Tunnel Container

Tunnel containers have doors on both ends and are very useful when it comes to quick loading and unloading of materials.

Refrigerated Container

These containers are regulated to maintain a low controlled temperature. They are used mainly for transporting perishable goods like fruits and vegetables or increasingly, frozen foods.


Tanks are cylindrical liquid storage containers typically constructed from steel and anti-corrosive materials. The dimensional frame around the tank makes it possible to transport fluids in the same manner as a rectangular container- stacked on a deck or transferred to rail or truck without unloading the container.

Open-sided Storage Container

These containers have doors or panels which can be changed to configure different openings to load or unload freight.

Car Carriers

These carriers are used for the transportation of cars and other types of vehicles, or they can be adapted for other uses.

Half-Height Container

For heavy, low volume cargo such as gravel, sand or metals, these containers are only half the height of a standard forty-foot unit and of course can be stacked to fit into the normal deck configuration on a container ship.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the ingenious configurations of freight containers! For freight of any shape or size, Port City Logistics can get it from A to B. Logistics Technology brings endless variations when it comes to options and modes of transport. We bring those options to all our clients every day! Talk to us about your shipping needs through the Port of Savannah and beyond.

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