A Natural Transition | A Career in Logistics Allows Former Military to Use Training and Skills

Posted by Port City Logistics on Jul 23, 2018 10:14:06 AM

Military transition to logistics careerCareers in logistics are expected to grow faster than normal over the next 10 years. The move of individual markets shifting to a global economy is the reason for the projected 22 percent increase in logistics jobs by 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Have you begun transitioning from your military career into the civilian employment sector? And do you possess training in logistics and supply line dynamics? If so, consider a rewarding career at Port City Logistics, a Savannah, GA-based freight brokerage company.

Our extensive warehousing, freight forwarding and international shipping operations could be an easy transition for service members who have experience in moving supplies. We welcome applications from qualified job candidates transitioning out of military service into the rapidly growing field of logistics. Are you posted at Fort Stewart? We’re right in your neighborhood and we’re ready to hire qualified ex-military members like you.

Logistics: An Important Career Field

Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation and storage of goods, including services and related information, from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

The goal of logistics is to successfully meet customer requirements. This definition includes inbound, outbound, internal and external movements.

Logisticians are in charge of a business or organization’s supply chain, so they generally work in supply chain management (SCM).

Today the field of logistics offers a multitude of fascinating career paths. Whether you’re interested in using the best digital tools in electronic freight management systems, or managing some of our shipping accounts,  you'll discover a wealth of opportunities to express your talent while exploring the various aspects of transporting freight globally.

Transitioning from a military logistics position to a career in the civilian world may seem daunting. The same dedication, honesty, and self-discipline you've demonstrated under military command will place you head and shoulders above other candidates. As a civilian working for one of the largest distribution facilities in the Port of Savannah, you can work your way up to exercising more authority and increased job responsibilities. Careers in logistics often require both vision of what’s possible and a clear grasp of cutting-edge technological trends. 

Exciting Civilian Jobs For Ex-military Personnel 

Our growing economy has created a high demand for a technically skilled work force at the Port of Savannah. Do you posses any (or all) of these vital capabilities?

  • Honesty, integrity, loyalty and pride in a job well done
  • Computer systems and IT expertise
  • A sound grasp of geography and multicultural issues
  • The ability to organize and handle detailed information
  • Aptitude for logistics and shipping software
  • Good math and communications skills
  • Dedication to rendering excellent customer service

Port City Logistics specializes in a variety of essential goods and services, mainly through the Port of Savannah, including beverages, food, paper products, chemicals, and consumer goods. We’re very close to key roadway transportation corridors — including Interstate 26 and Interstate 95. Additionally, the Georgia Ports Authority is coordinating major expansion projects to the port infrastructure.

Do you have some familiarity with road or rail transportation, air or maritime freight, or warehousing

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To learn more about possible civilian jobs for ex-military, contact us soon. We believe that our company has the best people in the industry and we’d like to add more!  Are you up for the task? Contact us or head over to our Port City Logistics Careers page.

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