A Look At The United States Top Imports and Exports

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business-team-global-business-planning-working-concept_53876-42763Over the last year, The United States has imported trillions of dollars worth of goods from around the world. As analysts research the nation's top imports and exports, there are multiple things that appear on both lists. Here is a closer look at The United States' top imports and exports.

Top Imports


The value of oil imports continue to increase, while the price of oil remains inconsistent. The United States is producing a lot of oil domestically.


Motor vehicles account for more than 10% of all imports in the United States. The US worked with Japanese, Mexican, and Canadian manufacturers.


Cellphones have become a valuable import, as they are now seen by many people as mini computers. Chicago's O'Hare Airport and Dallas Fort Worth International account for most of the cellphone imports into the United States.


Millions of people use computers every day. Most of the imports came from China and Mexico. O'Hare Airport also received high rankings for computer imports.


The value of pharmaceutical pill imports is around $80 billion. The top of the market is made up of European powers Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany.

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous items are products that people return for a variety of reasons. The most popular reason involves repairs due to a customer being unhappy with the shipment.

Computer Chips

Analysts point out that computer chips are manufactured offshore, and are imported to the United States. Most computer chips entering the United States are located in phones, cameras, and vehicles.


The value of gasoline continues to increase. Gasoline prices vary based on pricing pressures and domestic production.

Top Exports


Aircraft is considered the United States' most valuable export by a wide margin.


The value of exports includes gasoline, as well as other petroleum products. The US Continues to trail behind Mexico and Canada, as the World leader in gasoline exports.

Computer Chips

The American computer exports market is dominated by Los Angeles International Airport, Hopkins International Airport and San Francisco International Airport.

Petroleum Gases

Petroleum exports include liquid natural gas and LNG. Petroleum exports are some of the fastest rising exports in the World. The demand for Petroleum exports has risen because of innovative technology like hydraulic fracturing.

Motor Vehicles

Many analysts project that foreign motor vehicle manufacturers will produce more vehicles in the United States than American manufacturers over the next few years.

Medical Equipment

The United States often imports the latest and most advanced medical equipment. China, Mexico, Canada, Belgium, and Japan are other world leaders.


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