Your Package's Journey through PCL Shipping

Posted by Port City Logistics on Dec 27, 2017 1:33:44 PM

Does your business send or receive freight through the busy Port of Savannah? Using a partial container load could help you conserve time and money! Our firm assists customers across this region. We'll help you access state-of-the-art warehousing, distribution, transportation and port facilities conveniently.

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Our customers sometimes fail to appreciate the sophistication of the modern logistics transportation Port of Savannah industry. We've invested heavily in developing smooth, streamlined shipping capabilities. To illustrate this point, let's follow a crate of fine pasta marketed by a hypothetical Savannah, Georgia restaurant supply firm. The company has asked us to help its delivery department receive two crates of premium spaghetti noodles and forward one immediately to a bistro in Macon. Let's follow this delicacy from the factory floor to the recipient's pantry!

Logistics Transportation Port of Savannah

An international shipment of two pasta crates constitutes less than a full container load. When we receive our customer's order, we'll arrange for a convenient shipping schedule. Connected to sophisticated databases, our software programs help us reserve the best delivery and transportation services to ensure our customer in Savannah obtains excellent assistance without incurring extensive delays or high costs. We quickly relay important address and merchandise information to several networked carriers.

In a pasta-making factory outside Milan, workers carefully pack two crates of pasta for shipment to Savannah. They secure the contents with masking tape and attach a bill of lading and digital tracking codes to the exterior to document the order. A delivery driver arrives in a van. He scans the shipment electronically and uses an aluminum dolly to wheel both crates into his vehicle, where they join other outgoing parcels. The van transports its cargo to a warehouse in Milan for off-loading. There, an automated system enables workers to carefully sort, scan and screen shipments destined for the airport.

Our customer's two crates soon join other packages and parcels en route to an airport in Milan. Cargo handlers at the airport screen, scan and process the shipment, and use a freight loader to deposit the crates in the adjoining warehouse of an air freight company. They later load the crates onto a cargo delivery carrier for transport to the airplane. In a matter of hours, our customer's pasta crates have become airborne, headed for the Port of Savannah via London and Miami. Experienced cargo handlers scan the crates while transferring them between air cargo planes and cargo holding areas at both stops.

Warehouse Distribution

After arriving in Savannah, the off-loaded crates undergo inspection and processing at a customs brokerage warehouse. A delivery service then picks up both crates and transports them in a van to a modern automated distribution warehouse. At this point, the crates separate: the warehouse sends one crate to a pick-up area for transmission directly to our Savannah-based customer's receiving department by a delivery service.

The other crate heads to a section of the warehouse where workers pack scanned cargo securely into a container of food products bound for Macon. A truck hauls the metal box to the train station, where a crane loads it atop a dedicated freight car. In Macon, warehouse workers unpack and scan the off-loaded container's contents. A ground-based delivery service transports the pasta to our client's satisfied customer!

Further Information

 We'll help your enterprise evaluate its best shipping options. We offer assistance with orders large and small arriving or leaving through this vital Southeastern regional hub. To learn more about potential logistics transportation Port of Savannah cost savings, simply give us a call at 912-298-7150, or fill out a contact form and we will call you!

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