Why Supply Chains Are Vital

Posted by Port City Logistics on Mar 30, 2020 4:45:00 PM

You’ve seen it firsthand in the grocery stores, the hospitals, and drugstores in the last few weeks. Items such as toilet paper, surgical masks, sanitizer, soap, and other hygiene items fly off the shelves before you can even find them. Now, it seems like supply chains have become vastly more important than the general public once saw. Supply chains know the best options to get the cheapest, best, and highest quantity of a product possible. In this article, Port City Logistics wants to highlight why supply chains are vital more than ever before.

Roles Within Society

As mentioned before, supply chains are necessary to sustain the modern world’s way of life. Our dependence on basic necessities means these supply chains keep our world running as it normally would. Examples of this are all around you. In grocery stores, drug stores, retail shops, and anything else in between. Our food, toiletries, and medicines all come directly from supply chains, making any 3PL an essential business. Watch this video below from BYU to learn more about why supply chains are important. 

Boost Customer Morale

Retailers depend on efficient supply chains to deliver products as quickly and efficiently as possible. When a business doesn’t have an ample supply or sanitizer, customers become increasingly frustrated. They want their products to be on the shelves when they need them, especially in the case of essential items such as food or toiletries. Consider the time you drove around your city to find a particular item, only to find no retailer has that specific item. You’re frustrated and only want that essential item. An optimized supply chain keeps these items on the shelves as often and as quickly as possible. 

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Save Money

In most cases, businesses choose to outsource their supply chain management to 3PLs such as Port City Logistics. These 3PLs understand the finer details of supply chain management and optimize them through their knowledge, connections, and general experience. A 3PL can potentially:

  • Decrease Purchasing Costs
  • Decrease Production Costs
  • Decrease Total Supply Chain Costs

While these are just a few of the features that can potentially save you money in terms of operating costs, expect an increase in profit leverage, decreases in fixed assets, and an increased cash flow. These examples financial gains can potentially push your business upward.

Keep Your Momentum Going Forward

An optimized supply chain quickens everything within a business’s logistics department. When the top supply chain managers direct a business’s supply chain, potential issues and risks can be seen in advance and avoided. As your business grows, a supply chain will grow with it and keep you momentum moving forward.

Contact Port City Logistics

When your business needs to optimize its supply chain, Port City Logistics is the perfect partner. Our experienced staff has created numerous connections that will revolutionize the way your business sends and receives important supplies. Your products, materials, or goods will get to your business faster and often cheaper than ever before. If your supply chain needs optimization, contact Port City Logistics and learn what we can do for you.






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