What is Pick and Pack Warehousing and Fulfillment?

Posted by Port City Logistics on Apr 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM

In a warehouse, pick and pack refers to the process in which an order is fulfilled and shipped. From the moment your order is placed online, an employee goes and “picks” your order and “packers” will pack that order into a box for shipment. This type of fulfillment is a very popular method to get items out of the warehouse and to you quickly. In this article, we’ll explain pick and pack warehousing and fulfillment.

The Order

Imagine a time you’ve placed an order online for a product. You’ve found the perfect product at the best price. As soon as you hit confirm, that order is sent to the warehouse for someone to accept. Then, someone views the order and print off a list of items to pick for that particular order. If the employee has multiple small orders, they can choose to do multiple orders as the same time to improve efficiency and get your order out of the warehouse faster.


The Pick

The next part of the order revolves around “picking” your item off the warehouse shelf. It can be as simple as it sounds in most cases. The employee will walk to the particular part of the warehouse that your item is shelved and "pick" it with the pick list attached. Of course, there are multiple types of picks that include piece, batch, zone, and wave picking. These methods depend on the type of warehousing you use and what best suits your business. If you use a 3PL, these methods could range based on their optimized practices.

The Pack

Once your item is picked, the item is placed in a central location for someone to review and make sure all items are in place and correct. This individual will box or package the item. This method can be incredibly effective if done correctly and on schedule.

What Benefits Does Pick and Pack Warehousing Have?

Outsourcing your pick and pack warehousing can hasten up your order fulfillment. While it could be very costly to operate your own pick and pack warehousing center, choosing to outsource your pick and pack can make this decision much more affordable. Through pick and pack, smaller companies can utilize the same warehouse space and ship their goods through a streamlined process. Shippers tend to float toward busier warehouses to ship from, so combining space with other pick and pack businesses can enjoy the benefits of getting products out quicker.

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