The Cargo Journey

Posted by Port City Logistics on Jul 17, 2019 9:45:16 AM

parcel-delivery-stages-set_1284-17822Do you need to manage large shipments from around the world? We're a warehousing broker, distribution and port drayage provider in Savannah, GA. We offer a two-million square foot warehouse which is located conveniently near I-95 and I-16. Our warehouse is designed to move your large freight shipments to different places around the world.

Our specialty is in serving customers who work with large shipping containers through our logistics management company. Imagine that you're running a consumer goods company, and one of your retailers places an order for a shipment of your product. We're able to work with you through every step of the process - imagine what would happen if you don't have the right partner for your logistics and supply chain. 

Have you ever wondered about the process that products undergo to get to where they need to be? In this blog, we are going to explain the cargo journey to show you how some of your favorite products get from place to place. 

Difference Between Commodities and Cargo

One item which our company stores is commodities. Some traditional examples of commodities are: grain, metals, oil, beef and orange juice. Before they are loaded onto the ship in a shipping container, commodities are the raw materials used for making products. They become cargo when they are loaded into a shipping container for shipment across the ocean.

What Happens To A Pallet of Canned Goods After It's Manufactured and Crated?

A trucking company will first visit the factory which produces the product you are selling. Once they arrive at the factory, the factory will load the product into a shipping container which will be sealed shut until it arrives at the destination. The container is carried by truck to the closest seaport. 

Less Than Truckload Shipments 

The shipping company is responsible for loading the goods into the container, and they typically load your goods with goods from another company. Bar codes are used to ensure that your goods are kept separate from those of other companies. The system of transporting your cargo operates so efficiently that it's very rare for any mix-ups to happen in the journey. In the event that your goods are being shipped in a single container, most likely a wooden bulkhead will be built to ensure that all of the goods are tightly packed in the shipping container.

Journey From Container To Destination

The container ship then departs and is cleared upon arrival at the destination port. Dock workers unload the ship and customs makes a decision to inspect certain containers upon arrival. The container is then loaded onto a truck to be carried to a distribution center to be prepared for shipment to individual customers.

How is a Pallet Tracked and Sorted? 

Pallets have RFID tags or barcodes, which are microscopic tags that are designed to emit a radio frequency. With these RFID tags, shipping pallets are sorted based on owner and destination. This RFID tagging/barcoding system is highly accurate in being able to sort out pallets to ensure they are not lost.

How Is Cargo Packed in Containers for Overseas Travel

Cargo is packed into containers for overseas travel according to size. The container is loaded from the floor upward in a way that prevents the contents of the container from shifting around. Padding material is often used to further protect the contents of the shipping container.

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