Single Source Logistics Partners for Efficiency

Posted by Port City Logistics on Jan 11, 2019 2:38:28 PM

single source logistics

Working with superior single source logistics partners will increase your profits. It will also improve your internal employee job satisfaction levels, speed up delivery times to your end users, improve customer service, allow for quick adaptation to the ever-changing market and provide you with a competitive advantage. The right shippers and 3PL partnerships will improve your bottom line because they are able to offer certain services that would cost your business too much to be comfortably profitable.

Latest Technology

A primary advantage to using the right 3PL partner is that the best companies always utilize the latest technologies to create efficiency and to minimize cost. Using the latest software and SaaS (software as a service) applications to select optimal shipping routes, conserve gasoline and even monitor temperatures during refrigerated transports, you get high quality cutting edge logistics tools that you don’t have to acquire yourself.

Specialized Warehouses

Many 3PL companies have access to specialized warehouses. Such warehouses might include temperature-controlled warehouses for various consumer products or chemicals. You might seek out a warehouse that specializes in hazmat goods because many general warehouses are not equipped to store hazardous materials. You might even seek out warehouses with maximum security in the event that you have highly valuable retail items to store and ship.

Strategic Partnerships with Single Source Logistics Providers

Often times, shipping companies have strategic partnerships that provide savings at a level you could never achieve due to the enormous volume of business they conduct with all of their third-party clients. They have unique relationships with various shipping suppliers such as packaging companies, courier companies and ocean carriers. You can save tens of thousands to millions of dollars each year depending upon your annual shipping volume.

Industry Professionals

Another added bonus of using a single-source logistics partner to manage your Savannah logistics, or any other city in which you might be located, is that these businesses hire some of the best industry professionals. You will not have to invest time and money training people to manage daily shipping activities such as forklift driving, completing bill of ladings, filing insurance coverage and much more. You will also not have to spend countless hours attempting to find the right carriers, warehouses, container tags or other time-consuming shipping tasks.

Traits of a Top 3PL

Before you hire a shipping partner, you want to be sure they fit your exact needs as each business and industry is unique. Do your research and read online reviews. You want to be sure that the 3PL you select is reputable and financially stable. And, always establish metrics and analytics to determine whether or not they are meeting your company goals, as well as your service expectations. They should add value to your shipping processes and procedures.

Be sure to choose a trustworthy and reputable 3PL that is right for your needs, much like the best Savannah logistics companies. These companies will focus on efficiency to save time and money to all parties involved in the process. These savings can be passed along to the end user to increase overall customer satisfaction and long-term, repeat business.


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