Single Source Logistics Delivers Efficiency

Posted by Port City Logistics on Dec 28, 2018 11:51:57 AM
single source logistics Eliminate profit-killing inefficiencies in your business by looking at your shipping process. Warehousing and transportation involve many moving parts that are hard to streamline without significant outlay—but savings are possible with the right solutions. Recent advances in logistics automation have transformed the business environment and brought optimization to new areas. Third-party logistics (3PL) providers are available to improve shipping operations in several ways, some of which you may not realize.

Logistics Technology

Technology has brought efficiencies in warehouse fulfillment, transportation, and other shipping functions. Merchandise orders and delivery instructions can be recorded together in real time, and legal documentation instantly secured. Inventory tracking can be automated and integrated with communication and financial systems. From order receipt to delivery tracking to inventory control, each step of the shipping process has been made more efficient with digital technology.

Free Custom QuoteVirtually every stage of shipping has been updated for efficiency in recent years. Product picking has been coded and streamlined, work steps in the warehouse have been reduced, computerized functions have gone mobile—the only limitations are knowledge, resources, and the will to implement better methods. If your company wants to take advantage of the latest innovations, experienced PCL providers can help you leverage the benefits.


Relevant experience is critical to optimizing your company’s shipping process. Managerial expertise with wide ranging experience takes years of specialization to develop. The question si, can your business can spend time and potential profit to develop this capability? For most large and small shippers, the answer is not without considerable expense.

Specialized Labor

Optimizing a shipping system requires skilled human resources. Unfortunately the expense of well-trained workers is high: you must either pay up front for training and retention, or on the backend through poor brand representation and missed opportunities. Quality human resources—whether through in-house development or a qualified PCL service—will increase shipping speed and efficiency at every level.

Resource Network

One basic means of optimization is to hire outside services to handle segments of your shipping process. Finding a qualified service and establishing a business relationship takes time, but by leveraging your network—or working with an established provider that has their own—you can instantly improve shipping efficiency.

Storage and Warehouse Fulfillment

Modern transport and distribution have changed the profile of inventory storage, making older warehousing methods too slow to effectively respond to product demand. Using flexible 3PL services can put your company's shipping capacity on a more mobile basis. Such optimization can bring savings in fixed expenses, while offering faster delivery to your customers.


One great inefficiencies in business is an inability to quickly adjust the size of operations. Lack of scalability can leave a business paying for excess capacity in a declining market, or standing flat-footed as new opportunity escapes. By hiring a qualified service, your business can instantly ramp up its shipping process as needed, or scale back to weather a difficult business environment.  

Optimize your shipping process by brokering flexible warehouse space and streamlining distribution, transportation services, and port drayage. Look for an established business with the capacity to handle your storage and fulfillment needs, with a skilled workforce and convenient transport access. For the best in Single Source Logistics at the port of Savannah, contact Port City Logistics.