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Drayage means containerized cargo trucking within the international shipping environment - sometimes referred to as "port drayage.” When  containerized cargo flows through the intermodal shipping environment, it probably proceeds through more than one mode of transportation. For example, goods may go by ocean from one port to another, transferred to another port to a rail yard or airport and continue transport, or it may simply be trucked to the destination point. When logistics companies offer these services, they refer to short-distance only movement by truck between modes of longer distance transport.

Drayage provides an intermodal solution which ties together the use of truck, rail and ocean for speedy shipping times and cost-effectiveness.

Intermodal Freight

Short-distance trucking provides a streamlined intermodal option. Here at the Port of Savannah, rail access has been a high priority and is a real success story for us. The Mason Mega-Rail project is set to double our rail capacity from 38 trains per week totaling over one million container transfers per year.  Port City Logistics will continue to provide drayage for our customers to link them with rail service to the central and southeast US.

The logistics industry has long used drayage as a solution for handling cargo that needs temporary storage or short hauls between long distance modes. Shippers can deposit goods or pick up goods at a rail terminal instead of using fleets of diesel-guzzling semis that take longer and cost more. Shipping by ocean is by far the most energy efficient means of long distance transport and rail diesel fuel is cheaper than truck diesel fuel, requiring less fuel usage/capacity. For shippers going green, the carbon emissions footprint is further reduced through intermodal transport options other than long-haul trucking.

Port of Savannah Drayage Issues

While digital tracking technologies are reducing the occurrence, sometimes there are trips made with empty trailers or tractors which adds to cost. There are always battles to fight over congestion on local streets and highways, marine terminal congestion or delays; container chassis supply time/delays; Gate processing delays; terminal gate queueing; and sometimes unpredictable truck turnaround times at a marine terminal. The Port of Savannah is one of the best in terms of overcoming these issues with consistent positive reviews from shippers, but as we undergo rapid growth there will be associated difficulties in logistics staffing and systems.

Short-distance trucking displays separate charges from either the shipping carrier or some other trucking company. This fee may sometimes be prepaid by the seller, it would be the buyer's responsibility at other times. Fee terms would be established prior to container movement from origin points.
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Single-Source Logistics

We are a logistics company brokering transportation, distribution, drayage and warehousing services. Our site displays a footprint for 2-million square feet of state-of-the-art warehousing with security monitoring round the clock. We are convenient to major interstates and two major rail lines. Port City Logistics is a single-source provider for all phases of freight transportation; if having one point of contact for all your shipping issues sounds good, call us today at 912-298-7150!

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