Common Safe Shipping Practices That Your Company Should Be Using

Posted by Port City Logistics on Sep 26, 2019 10:25:58 AM

business-logistics-concept-container-cargo_1150-17845Shipping involves sending out products to customers. However, many manufacturing companies are aware that the shipping process can become complicated. That's why it is important that every manufacturing company develop a set of safe shipping practices. Here is a look at some safe shipping practices to help your company overhaul its shipping process.


Keep in mind that shipping cargo must be approved through multiple regulation and industry bodies. Documentation is important because you'll receive constant updates on the shipping information and state of materials. Consider using e-signatures, as that will help simplify the documentation process.

Focus On Damage Control

There is a good chance that your delicate cargo may be damaged as it goes through the different shipping stages. Test your cargo to see if it can handle the basic shipping and handling impact. Performing a shaking test is also a good idea. Wrap your cargo in some gel to help deal with the humidity. Cover your cargo to help block out UV rays. Fillers are another option to consider using that will help minimize damage. Using the appropriate packaging for your items is also very important.

Analyze The Shipping Costs

Do plenty of research on shipping costs before you start shipping cargo. Think about how you are going to ship your goods and where you want to ship them to. If you are constantly shipping products, you may qualify for lower shipping rates. Many companies offer free online tools and calculators, so take advantage of that by calculating an estimate of your total costs.

Make Sure That You Have A Great Team

Make sure that you have the right people on your team assisting you. Your team should help you communicate with your customers. They should also make sure that everything is packed and shipped on time.

Inquire About Shipping Insurance

There is always a chance that one of your packages may get lost or damaged due to shipping conditions. That's why shipping insurance is important. Shipping insurance will protect you in the event that your packages are damaged. Having insurance helps ensure that you won't have to spend your own money to cover the damages. You should definitely make sure that you cover the packages that have expensive products in them.

Make Sure That Your Goods Have The Proper Weight

Weigh all of your packages before shipping them. Make sure that your packages don't exceed 50 pounds. All of your packages should be labeled. Use stretch wrap to secure your packages.

Research International Shipping

International shipping allows you to market your company on a bigger platform and provide your services on a global scale. However, international shipping comes with different challenges compared to domestic shipping. Research the entire international shipping process before making a decision. Do not plan on going global unless there is a demand for your products.

Research All Of The Transportation Regulations

Keep in mind that there are different transportation regulations regarding road, air, and water shipping. The regulations may also vary from state to state. Make sure that all of your necessary permits and documents are accessible at all times.

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